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Every year Hunt Club is honored to bring on a small group of dedicated, inspiring and talented young riders as part of our Brand Ambassador Program. These equestrians embody Hunt Club's core values of spreading positivity, embracing your originality and being the most authentic version of yourself both in and out of the saddle. These talented ladies have served as ambassadors for Hunt Club in years past and continue to spread good vibes wherever their equestrian adventures take them. 

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Kate Severson

Kate is a rider & assistant trainer for a dressage and jumper barn in South Texas. She competes in 4th level dressage, with her sights set on Prix St. Georges in the next year, and in 1.25m jumpers, hoping to start moving up to 1.30m/1.35m later this year. She's been riding all her life and can't imagine doing anything else! She has been a member of the Hunt Club team since early 2016 and her favorite product is the Classic Logo Belt. It goes with absolutely everything and keeps her whole outfit looking put-together and polished! 

Ainsley Commens

Ainsley rides at Cornerstone Equestrian with Ahna Camaro out of Pittsburgh, PA. She has been riding for nearly 8 years and has owned her current horse, Romeo, since September 2015. Ainsley and Romeo just started showing in the 2'3" hunter classes and are looking forward to moving up to the 2'6" Low Children's division very soon. In the future, she and Romeo have their sights set on competing in the 3' and 3'3" hunter classes! Her favorite part of riding is the bond she forms with her horses and the experiences she's had while showing and competing. Ainsley enjoys the little things when she spends time at the barn with her horse (grooming, grazing, etc.) because she feels like even if you are saying things in your mind, the horses understand you. When she's not around riding her own horse she can be found either catch riding, hanging out with her barn family, or taking photos.

     Ainsley says she is truly grateful to be an ambassador for her favorite company, Hunt Club. Their products are comfortable, stylish, and the designs are very unique. Her favorite products are the Derby Belts, since the colors in the belts work perfectly together and they are easy to match with her riding outfits. There is even a belt that matches her barn colors! The Derby Belts are flexible and comfortable. Ainsley says she can't feel them when riding or just walking around the barn unlike some of my other belts, so they stay comfortable all day long. The Derby Belts are also one-size-fits-all, so they're perfect for young riders like Ainsley who are still growing. Ainsley is a valued member of the Hunt Club Brand Ambassador team and we are so happy to have her on board!



Allie Wilson

Allis has ridden regularly since she was 9 years old and now training in hunters and equitation outside of Pittsburgh, PA. She owns a 13 yr old, 15.3 TB gelding named Ty and often has the opportunity to help her trainer with schooling horses, including an 8 yr old, 17.1 Hanoverian gelding named Frank that she has introduced to showing this summer. Allie loves being able to enjoy the company of such great friends and animals through riding experiences that feels as though they help her to be a better person, not just a better rider. Having recently graduated, Allie works as a business analyst and enjoys photography and popular entertainment when she has the time.
Allie says that while it's difficult to choose, but her favorite Hunt Club products would have to be the t-shirts: super comfortable and beautifully designed, they're perfect for wearing around the barn, shows, and just out and about throughout the year! As an ambassador, she loves getting to be a part of and representing such an amazing brand; she enjoys connecting and communicating with the best ladies and helps share the great products they've come up with so that others can enjoy them as much as she does.
Jennifer Simms
Jennifer is the style muse and fashion maven behind the popular Styled Equestrian instagram account. Jennifer has been representing Hunt Club since late 2015, and actively competes on the show jumping circuit throughout Southern California at elite competitions including HITS Thermal and the Longines Masters in Los Angeles. Jennifer pairs her favorite Hunt Club gear with hot fashion brands like Aztec Diamond Equestrian, Ronner Designs, Michael and Kenzie Equestrian, and more to create gorgeous #ROOTD's that are just to die for. To see more of Jennifer's expertly coordinated riding outfits, be sure to follow her on instagram at  @StyledEquestrian. 

Jordan Kelly

Jordan Kelly is a 21 year old eventer currently situated in Cochranville, PA. She competes at the Novice level with her trusty lease Avogadro's Constant (Avi, avocado, monkey, buddy, bubba, etc) with her sights set on competing at the training level. Avi is a 10 year old off the track thoroughbred who enjoys treats of any variety (literally any) and long bareback hacks around the bridle paths. Jordan's heart is on the cross country course, and she lives for the thrill of galloping at solid obstacles. She loves the perfectionism in the sandbox, as well as the concentration of establishing the perfect canter to get the best distances over the show jumping obstacles. Eventing all together stole her heart from the moment she began riding at 17, and she strives to better herself and work her hardest for her horse on a day to day basis.

Jordan currently is a full time working student for Erin Sylvester. She receives fabulous instruction and has seen so much improvement in her riding since joining her. She practically lives at the barn, but when she's not she enjoys a good concert, movie, or quiet time outside with a book. Jordan loves being a Hunt Club ambassador to be a part of the ever growing journey. She says that watching what Sara has produced into an empire is incredible, and being able to give a little input here and there on what becomes a popular design is a wonderful feeling. Hunt Club is apart of her daily wardrobe, but Jordan's ultimate favorite has to be the Derby Belts- they're comfortable with style and can add a pop to any outfit.

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