Behind the Design - The Salto Fleece Jacket

Behind the Design - The Salto Fleece Jacket

For adventures of the equestrian variety. 

We love the look of rugged outdoor gear, and frequently repurpose hiking, camping, and snow sports apparel for our own horseback activities. We realized what the horse world really needed, though, was a multi-purpose jacket designed with the adventure-wear aesthetic we love but with all the critical design elements a real horsewoman needs.

Enter the Salto Fleece Jacket - a full-zip fleece that on the outside looks like it would be right at home hiking up a mountain, but at it's core is crafted specifically for equestrian pursuits . Read on to learn about all of the great features we crammed into this jacket, and why it might just be every rider's new best friend... besides her horse of course. 


Female equestrian wearing black fleece jacket from Hunt Club.


1) Sleek Micro-Fleece

The most obvious feature of this rad jacket - it's a fleece! This highly-insulating, low-pile fleece is anything but a hay magnet.  It keeps you super cozy without the bulk of thicker plush fabrics or down stuffing AND is easy to keep clean. Just brush off shavings, dirt, and debris with your favorite grooming implement (ours is a dandy brush) and you're ready to ride. It's machine washable too! Simply turn the jacket inside out, wash on cold with like colors, and hang to dry. 


Close-up detail of Hunt Club's oatmeal colored fleece jacket.


2) Double Zipper Action

An essential feature that all jackets designed for riders should have. A double zipper lets you zip up the top portion AND unzip the bottom a little so your jacket doesn't poof out around your middle when you sit in the saddle. Unzipping the bottom of the jacket a tad while you're riding also keeps plastic and metal parts from scratching the pommel of your saddle - nice! 


Close-up of the zipper of the Hunt Club fleece jacket 


3) Reinforced Areas

Ballistic nylon (read: it's super strong and water resistant) was chosen to keep precipitation off your shoulders and upper back when you're riding. So, basically, you no longer have any more excuses for not heading out on trail when the weather looks like it might call for a few sprinkles. Nylon elbow patches protect high-stress areas from wear and tear in the barn, too. 


Close-up of details on Hunt Club's black fleece jacket.


4) Secure Phone Pocket

Stay connected during your ride in a way that's safe for both you and your phone. A specialized phone pocket on the chest minimizes jostling at the trot and canter! If you're working on that musical freestyle or just like to jam when you ride, a discrete port in the phone pocket lets you thread your headphones through while keeping the cords contained safely inside the jacket. 


Close-up of the phone pocket on Hunt Club's oatmeal and navy fleece jacket.


5) Easy Clean Pockets

We don't know about you, but we're pretty tired of constantly sticking our hands in our jacket pockets only to find them full of treat crumbs. No matter how well you think you've cleaned them out, there are always more stuck in the seams! The Salto Fleece has mesh interior pockets with a "no seam" nylon bottom designed to catch crumbs and make them easy to clean out in one fell "scoop". So don't forget to bring a few snacks along on your next ride - your horse will thank you. 


Close-up of the pockets on Hunt Club's oatmeal and navy fleece jacket.


And there you have it. An adventure-ready jacket that was actually designed with real horsewomen's needs in mind. Wear it to warm up for the show ring, to head out on a trail ride, or to finish up those barn chores. It's a multitasker that can truly handle it all.

Available in solid Black and Oatmeal/Navy.
Shop the Salto Fleece here

An equestrian adjusting her saddle in the Hunt Club oatmeal fleece jacket

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