The Inspiration Behind the Brand.

The Inspiration Behind the Brand.

Hunt Club is the brain child of 24 year old amateur equestrian, graphic designer and rad outdoorsy person Sara Ladley. Confounded by the lack of cute and affordable schooling tees for young equestrians that didn’t look like they came straight from the kids rack, she struck out in the spring of 2014 to find a way to change the game. Having always been enamored with the minimalist, vintage-inspired styling of popular indie adventure brands, she sought to meld this unique design perspective with motifs and imagery that all equestrians can relate to. In April of that year Hunt Club was born - a casual equestrian label that draws inspiration from the world beyond the barn. Read on to get the scoop on what inspires Sara’s designs and the vision behind the Hunt Club brand. 


"I never really fit the cookie-cutter standard for your regular “horse obsessed girl”. I love spending long days at the barn, but I also love traveling, hiking, skiing, and just about every single sport that requires a helmet. I’d rather wear a shirt covered in mud than one covered in glitter, so when it comes to choosing what to wear to the barn every day, I always felt somewhat limited in my choices. I  wanted something less preppy than a polo, with little more style than a bland v neck, but with less kitschy “I love horses” vibes than the usual fare your aunt buys you for christmas just because it has a horse on it.

Equestrian Apparel Hunt Club

I didn’t want Hunt Club to be just another “horsey” apparel brand - I wanted HC designs to be subtle, tasteful, and representative of good, modern design.


 The goal isn’t to scream “I’m a crazy horse girl”, but rather to sneak equestrian lifestyle motifs and designs onto our tees and sweatshirts in a way that will garner knowing head nods and thumbs up from fellow equestrians when you pass them at the grocery store or in the line at Starbucks. There’s so much more out there nowadays when you go looking for casual, cool and comfy tees for other sports and lifestyles. Companies ranging from surf labels to outdoor adventure brands produce well designed tees and sweatshirts for everyday wear, so why hasn’t the equestrian fashion industry caught on? Fancy show clothes are a must for competing, but what about the other hefty percentage of the time we spend in the saddle - shouldn’t our #ROOTD choices be just as fresh as what we wear in the show ring? I know I want my personal style reflected in what I choose to wear to the barn as well.

 Horse Rider Equestrian Fashion Hunt Club

I firmly believe that any tee - when tucked into a clean pair of breeches and finished off with a well-fitting belt - is polished enough for everyday wear, whether you’re lessoning at home or schooling at a show. 


 As a working adult, I also have come to the point in my life where if I’m going to spend money on yet another tee or sweatshirt, it had better be the softest, comfiest, and most durable piece of clothing money can buy. That's why we rigorously test every sample we receive when we release new products for Hunt Club - to make sure they won’t shrink or fade and will stay silky soft no matter how many times you throw them in the wash and crank the dryer up on high. Horse clothes take a beating, we totally get it, so we want your HC gear to stay looking like new for as long as humanly possible. Every Hunt Club product we put out there meets our strict design and quality standards, so you can be sure everything we sell has been certified fresh, stylish, and made to last. To me, that’s pretty much the holy grail of schooling apparel: super rad tees that wont break the bank, won’t shrink up after a few washes and don’t look like you’ve stolen them from the pony kids at your barn."

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