Behind the Design: The Hunt Buckle Belt

Behind the Design: The Hunt Buckle Belt

Hunt Club's bestselling belt just received an upgrade. We've married the stretchy strap you know and love with a sleek and eye-catching interchangeable buckle to create the Hunt Buckle Belt.

The Hunt Buckle was born out of a desire to elevate our crowd favorite Derby Belt - the only belt we've found to be genuinely comfortable to wear, both in the saddle and out. The woven nature of its stretchy strap lets the belt to move with you, allowing for an increased range of motion and greater adjustability for the perfect fit. This belt has become an instant classic, but how do you improve something that's very nearly perfect? 


The Hunt Club equestrian Derby Belts, stacked up.


While elastic belts are functional, comfortable, and growing more popular by the year, nothing will surpass the timeless and effortless elegance a statement buckle adds to an outfit. Whether it's paired with breeches or jeans, the perfect buckle belt has the power to elevate a look from cute and casual to something that belongs on the cover of a Ralph Lauren catalog.

So we set out to create the ultimate hybrid accessory: a statement belt that stays true to the classic equestrian aesthetic but is also genuinely comfortable to wear. 

We think we nailed it. 


The Hunt Buckle equestrian stretch belt


The Hunt Buckle can best be described as functional elegance - it's comfortable to wear, simple to customize, and adds that sophisticated touch to any outfit that only a statement buckle belt can provide.

Choose the sprightly Burgundy or Emerald buckles to accent your favorite schooling looks, or slide on the Navy or Black buckles for polished and professional show ring attire. Pro tip: the Hunt Buckle looks exceptionally elegant peeking out from under the points of your shadbelly. It's a look you simply must try. 


The Hunt Buckle Belt being worn by a woman with a jacket on in the snow.


You can snag a Hunt Buckle Belt for yourself by buying buckles and straps to change up your look as often as you like. For instructions on how to swap out your Hunt Buckle, take a peek at the video below!






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